September 29, 2022

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Radio Roundtable: Gooooooaaalllll! Edition.

Radio Roundtable: Gooooooaaalllll! Edition.

This week, co-host Bryan Person joined Jen Zingsheim to discuss the World Cup and social media, whether social media is killing authenticity, and the New York Times “suggesting” its journalists find some other way to say “tweet” because “tweet” sounds silly.

Click here to listen to the 25-minute discussion.

  • The World Cup has begun, and Bryan contends this could be the first world-wide shared event to simultaneously hit all social media. Both Facebook and Twitter have dedicated pages to the event, which led Jen to wonder how Twitter will cope with the additional volume, as it has already been pretty flaky this week with Fail Whales popping up considerably more than they have in a while.
  • Next, the two discuss a thought-provoking piece by Jonathan Fields over at Awake @ The Wheel. His post, titled “Is Social Media Killing Authenticity?” asks if the possibility of being quoted out of context by anyone around us, now that everyone is on different social channels, is causing us to be more cautious and therefore less than our true authentic selves. Bryan points out that being selective about what you share isn’t the same as being inauthentic, while Jen thinks we’re all going to turn into politicians who watch everything we say.
  • Finally, the two wrap up with a discussion on the New York Times memo asking journalists to rethink using the word “tweet” when describing…tweets. Bryan points out that the AP Style Manual has made some updates to the way it suggests are acceptable usage for words (such as the previous “web site” becoming “website”), and that perhaps it’s just a natural lag between general usage and formal acceptance. Jen agrees that language does change, and states that in some instances a stalwart refusal to use the word “tweet” would actually look worse than using it.
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