January 21, 2019

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Radio Roundtable: Insurers monitoring Tweets

Radio Roundtable: Insurers monitoring Tweets

This week, co-host Sarah Wurrey joins Jen Zingsheim, and the two of them discuss how companies that manage risk will use information gleaned from social networks, Iceland’s bid to be the Switzerland of the Internet, and Gatorade’s social media mission control station.

Click here to listen to the 26-minute show.

  • First, Jen and Sarah discuss Jeremiah Owyang’s post about how insurance companies are using social media content to “amend” customer data. In other words–your Tweets might be used to further expand on your customer profile at your insurer. Sarah says that even with her “live life online” attitude was squidged out a bit by this–that it seemed creepy and stalkerish. Jen points out that it is amazing what people need to think about now, not only do you need to pay attention to the normal privacy things, you have to consider how your tweets might appear to insurers and credit card issuers.
  • Next, the two discuss Iceland’s move to become a “new media haven.” According to the piece on Read Write Web, Iceland is looking to provide a safe place for online whistleblowers and sources, along with protecting journalists. The objective, Iceland hopes, is to become a center for international news organizations.
  • Finally, the two discuss Gatorade’s Social Media Command Center–not only does it look cool, it puts social media at the literal center of marketing at the company. Sarah points out that the Mashable piece hits the nail on the head: the effectiveness of this sort of setup will be determined by how the information is used on a daily basis.
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