September 27, 2022

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Lead Generation for Mobile Marketing

Lead Generation for Mobile Marketing

With mobile advertising projected to rise 80 percent in 2010 and climbing to 4.2 billion by 20151 – it’s no wonder companies are taking notice of the mobile space.  Even large technology companies are taking notice by launching Apps and mobile marketing programs to outreach in new ways.  Even just walking down the street, if you’re in a relatively populated area, you will likely see hundreds of people with their heads down staring at a small brightly light cell phone screen and tapping away furiously as they text to a friend or colleague.  Marketing is being transformed and changed as I type this – we can no longer follow a standardized five-step process, but must learn to connect in new ways and new mediums.

Seventy-five billion text messages are sent each month2 (yes – that’s billion!).  Yet most companies are inept at lead generation and reaching out via this medium.  So – how should organizations address this growing trend?

First–and this is obvious–start to capture cell phone numbers in your lead generation campaigns.  Whether that means adding a field to your online “contact us” form, or asking for them at trade shows.  Regardless of how this is done, make sure that before you start to market to these people you have made it very clear they are opting-in to your mobile program.

Second, before you begin an actual mobile lead generation campaign, decide on the intent of that campaign.  For instance, are you trying to drive in-store sales, build brand awareness, or increase followers on your other social media outposts?  Regardless of which it ends up being, it is important to decide and then align that campaign towards the specific objective.

For instance, depending on the intent of you campaign you can run a mobile coupon offering a percentage off, or have participants text in a pre-defined code to enter a contest or promotion – and from there select a winner.  There are infinite possibilities, it’s up to you and your imagination and the objectives you set.

I believe the next step should be contacting a mobile texting provider who can provide you with the technology to carry out this campaign, such as GossRSVP.  This will give you access to a short code to use for your campaign, and the technology to send out to the mobile numbers you captured in step 1 above.

In addition to texting, we should mention QR Codes.  More and more phones today come equipped with camera’s that are capable of reading these codes:

(For instance, if you scan the above QR code you will go to

You can place these on marketing materials, packaging, signage, or even just in an article like I have done here.  These codes provide the user an easy way to simply scan the code, and go to a predefined website.

With Facebook and Google both taking notice of QR Codes it’s a matter of time, in my opinion, before they become mainstream.  Whether for location based service as Google is using them, or mobile marketing, there is an unlimited set of options for today’s marketing department looking to get into the mobile space.

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