September 29, 2022

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Radio Roundtable: All about influence — Mitch Joel visits the Roundtable

Radio Roundtable: All about influence — Mitch Joel visits the Roundtable

Host Jen Zingsheim and co-host Bryan Person were thrilled to welcome Mitch Joel of Six Pixels of Separation to the Roundtable this week to discuss his role in Chris Brogan’s new project, Man On The Go; Fast Company’s influence project; and The Guardian’s new WordPress plugin.

Click here to listen to the 45-minute program.

  • First, Jen asks Mitch about his role in Chris Brogan’s new Man On The Go project, aimed at those who travel extensively for business–it has tips and tricks for traveling, hotel reviews, and reviews of travel-critical gear, like backpacks and laptop bags. As someone who travels quite a bit for business himself, Mitch is contributing videos for the blog. The blog is another interesting move in the online space for Chris Brogan, as the site is predominantly video. Bryan Person has also launched a new blog, which the group discussed, called Exploring the iPad.
  • Next up for discussion was Fast Company’s Influence project (at 11:42)–and more specifically, Amber Naslund’s pointed blog post about the project. Mitch points out that influence can be defined as compelling someone to click a link–or, fill in the “other” blank in a contest, as Howard Stern did with Hank The Angry Drunken Dwarf in 1998. The question of “who versus how many” was raised, as was the issue of “slacktivism”–the very low barrier presented by clicking a “like” button still indicates that there is engagement.
  • The group concluded the show by discussing Neville Hobson’s post about The Guardian’s new WordPress plugin (at 29:20), which is yet another way print media is trying to grapple with sharing content. While some publications are moving their content behind paid firewalls, The Guardian is trying something different–but Mitch asks:  “what’s stopping a blogger from copying the relevant paragraph and reposting?” Jen asks if this initiative has to do with advertising revenue–is this a method to generate money? Mitch points out that a blog that simply reposts articles from elsewhere would turn him off, as there’s little point–that’s not why you read a blog. If the objective is advertising, Mitch asserts, it’s already a failure–and he asks if we can move beyond the advertising model to a marketing model–what adds value to the experience?

Thank you to Mitch Joel for a lively and interesting discussion on all three topics. He is the President of Twist Image, a digital marketing and communications agency. You can find him at Six Pixels Of Separation: the blog, his book of the same title, and the Media Hacks podcast.

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