September 28, 2022

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Radio Roundtable: Measuring Old Spice, Interns at the Twitter helm, and (gulp) AVE

Radio Roundtable: Measuring Old Spice, Interns at the Twitter helm, and (gulp) AVE

Doug Haslam joins Jen Zingsheim on this week’s Radio Roundtable, to discuss the convergence of advertising and public relations, tasking interns to run social media accounts, and the defense of Ad Value Equivalency (AVE).

Click here to listen to the 32-minute program.

  • First, Jen and Doug discuss the Old Spice social media advertising initiative, and how the implementation of the initiative seems to have further blurred the lines between advertising and PR, as discussed in a piece by Dave Fleet. Aside from blurring lines, though, there is a question as to how advertising will be measured in a situation like this, which looks an awful lot like a PR campaign, not an advertising campaign, as articulated in this piece by Chris Thilk. Both agree that we’ll have to see what the numbers look like when they come out (oh, look they have–thank you to Beth Harte for pointing to this).
  • Then, the two discuss an exchange on Twitter between MSU’s Scott Westerman and Ford’s Scott Monty on giving interns the reins in social media. Ford has  Both agree with Scott (Monty) that for a global brand, turning a Twitter account over to an intern doesn’t make sense. Yes, interns should be given work that matters–but turning over a brand’s social media channel to an intern, making them essentially responsible for the brand’s presence on Twitter, is ill-advised. Jen points out that even if they are the smartest and most adept intern out there, it’s unfair to put them on a global stage to make their mistakes.
  • Finally, the two cover a dust-up between Jack O’Dwyer and Katie Paine about Ad Value Equivalency. Both Jen and Doug agree AVE numbers are useless–but both really wonder what O’Dwyer was getting at when he suggested that PR’s role should be focused on “rescuing the remaining media,” instead of being so focused on measurement. Doug doesn’t think we should be rescuing remaining media, we should be focused on working with the media as it currently exists–regardless of the platform.
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