October 4, 2022

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Radio Roundtable: Whiteboard Jenny and Jet Blue Guy

Radio Roundtable: Whiteboard Jenny and Jet Blue Guy

Bryan Person co-hosted this week’s Roundtable, along with host Jen Zingsheim. The two discussed how two major “I quit” stories resonated through social media, Tribune Co.’s “anchorless newscasts,” and Twitter’s continued evolution.

Click here to listen to the 30-minute discussion.

  • First, Bryan and Jen discussed two of the biggest stories this week–the very-public “take this job and shove it” episodes of Whiteboard Jenny and Jet Blue’s Steven Slater. While Whiteboard Jenny turned out to be a hoax, the rapid fashion by which the story flew through Facebook and Twitter has to be one for the books. Are we becoming more gullible as a society, or were we just hungry for a story? Jen points out that everyone was “perfectly primed” for this hoax, as it came on the heels of the high drama of Steven Slater, who deployed the emergency slide and exited the plane after verbally dressing down a rude passenger. But the issue has presented the very-social media-savvy Jet Blue with a problem–how does a company known for its transparency deal with an issue that has legal ramifications?
  • Next, the two discuss the Tribune Company’s initiative to remove anchors from delivering the news, by trying to make television, well, more web-like. Jen doesn’t think it will work (“radio with pictures”), Bryan’s taking a wait and see attitude.
  • Finally, they talk about Twitter’s continued evolution, by offering the ability to follow someone (or a company account) without having to sign up for Twitter. This “fast follow” option works by sending texts, and is ideal for quick notifications. Bryan thinks it’s great for parents of school kids for notifications of things like school closures.
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