October 4, 2022

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Radio Roundtable: Do you have Klout?

Radio Roundtable: Do you have Klout?

This week, Jen Zingsheim and co-host Bryan Person were joined by Albert Maruggi of Provident Partners for a free-wheeling discussion of Klout, Google Instant and QR codes, and Twitter not simply breaking news, but replacing the reporters in a recent case.

Click here to listen to the 44-minute discussion.

  • Albert kicks off the discussion with an explanation of Klout, a Twitter authority ranking system. Klout measures influence in a number of ways, so the scores can be viewed and utilized from a number of angles. Bryan says that one question is whether Klout can emerge as a standard or if it will fade in a way similar to Technorati. Jen asks if, in discussing the components used to build scores, people will start to game the system. Albert takes issue with the word “game” the system, and argues that this isn’t much different than taking the steps to optimize one’s blog.
  • Next, the three discuss Google Instant and the implications for SEO, advertising, and marketing. In addition to accelerating the speed at which we can find things, Google Instant presents an opportunity for mobile. Between this and QR codes, will everyone need a smartphone soon?
  • Finally, the group wraps up with a discussion of a recent item on Read Write Web, which covers the story of Adam Penenberg, an author who has authored a book on dangers of SUVs–who was stunned to learn that not one reporter was present or discussing a recent jury verdict against Ford. While the story “eventually” made its way to the mainstream media, Read Write Web notes that Penenberg’s Tweet stream was longer than most of the articles. The discussion then veered to asking the question of if it’s advisable to get news from Twitter–or even directly from advocacy or interest groups that are looking at topics and issues from a decidedly biased viewpoint.
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