October 4, 2022

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Radio Roundtable: RSS is not dead, but John Mayer’s Twitter account is.

Radio Roundtable: RSS is not dead, but John Mayer’s Twitter account is.

This week, Jen Zingsheim is joined by co-host Sarah Wurrey for a discussion about whether RSS is dead, John Mayer abandoning his 3.7 million Twitter followers, and whether WPP’s Content Project is the answer to ad-free, paid content.

Click here to listen to the 33-minute program.

  • First, Sarah and Jen kick off the program by discussing a post on BlogHer asking if RSS is dead. The piece mentions that Bloglines will be shutting down on October 1, and Sarah points out that just because Bloglines is dead, that doesn’t mean RSS is. Jen states that if she relied on Twitter for content, as the article suggests, she’d be missing 90 percent of the content she finds interesting.
  • Next, the two discuss singer John Mayer’s decision to abandon his Twitter account, saying it was established to support and promote his recent concert tour, and now that that is over, it’s not needed. Mayer, who has (had?) 3.7 million followers states that his new addiction is Tumblr. Sarah brings up the question of whether people with large followings have a responsibility to their audience, she thinks they do not–if Mayer’s no longer interested in tweeting, he shouldn’t. Jen wonders if he’s testing the depths of his fan base’s affection by seeing if they will follow him into the depths of a dark, new social media tool rather than the one to which they have become accustomed.
  • Finally, Fast Company profiles WPP’s The Content Project initiative, and Sarah and Jen discuss whether this will solve the pay-for-content problem. They both conclude “no” unless the content behind the paywall is truly distinctive and interesting–and attracts a passionate audience. If not, people will just get the content elsewhere, for free.
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