October 5, 2022

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CustomScoop&#39s Autumn Release: Fresh Look, More Content, Faster Results

CustomScoop&#39s Autumn Release: Fresh Look, More Content, Faster Results

The team at CustomScoop has been hard at work during the past few months, and we’re thrilled to announce some exciting changes to the CustomScoop product line. The first thing users will notice is our new user interface. From a collapsible left side bar, which makes your results easier to see and review, to new page headers and new help files, our look is fresh, clean, and easier to navigate. But looks aren’t everything, now are they? So we have also improved core features of the system.

We’ve improved our social media monitoring

One of the top requests from customers when we conducted our survey in June was including Facebook search results, so after extensive Beta testing, we’ve added the ability to search public status updates. And, while we have monitored Twitter, blogs, and YouTube for a while now, we’ve made changes to get those results into client accounts even quicker than before. All of these results are available in one, easy to use platform–no jumping back and forth between applications.

We’ve made it easier to build charts and reports

As CustomScoop has grown over the 10 years we’ve been providing online media monitoring, we’ve added a number of features, making our reporting tools more robust. In our latest version, we’ve revamped the way that these reports are generated, making the process far more intuitive and easier to use. And, if you are a subscriber to our Professional, Team, or Enterprise editions, you can now have charts and reports emailed to you at regular intervals, automating that process so there isn’t a need to log in every time to generate the reports. (But the new interface is so nice, you’ll probably *want* to login!)

We’ve improved our Source information

Bylines and source information are now out of beta testing, and are better than ever. You’re one click away from detailed information about the author of a story, a source, or a Twitter account. Just click the source or byline link, and you’ll see information such as web visitors and traffic rank to the articles in your account by the same journalist.

We’ve improved our newsletter builder

Want to create a custom newsletter based on your results? It’s even easier. For Professional, Team, and Enterprise subscribers, the ability to group your results by tags, Alexa rank, or circulation numbers is built into the functionality. You can even include a chart of your results in a newsletter–and, you can schedule the results to send via email whenever you want: daily, weekly, or monthly. Oh, and you can still download your results to an Excel spreadsheet–but now you have the option to email those to yourself or a distribution list automatically too.

We’ve improved our keyword manager

The foundation of any monitoring account is solid keyword construction. Since we’ve added to our social media capabilities, we’ve made it easier to add and modify keywords to search social media tools. This allows for the flexibility to search Twitter on one keyword but not another if desired, giving our users a very high level of control over the flow of content coming into the account. And, since many of our users have a lot of keywords we’ve made it easier to search and sort through them within an account.

We’re very pleased with the results and would love to know what you think of the changes we’ve made–our goal is to be the best single-platform service for social and mainstream media results. And, we’re not stopping here–we have additional features in the works for our next release in early 2011.

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