October 4, 2022

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Radio Roundtable – Halloween Edition

Radio Roundtable – Halloween Edition

On the Radio Roundtable this week, Doug Haslam joins Jen Zingsheim to discuss Demonizing Facebook, Scary amounts of information overload, and Zombie-bots on Twitter.

Click here to listen to the 30-minute discussion.

  • First, Jen and Doug discuss a post by Augie Ray on Forrester’s blog, titled “Three reasons to stop demonizing Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg.” As a sidebar, Doug points out that there is no reason to attempt to suppress the identity of someone you quote, as it’s really easy to identify the person through a simple search (Ray quotes an unnamed “influential friend”). On topic, Jen and Doug discuss the implications of privacy slips on Facebook eroding user confidence, and the uncertainty of individuals acclimating to a new communication form. Jen points out that there seem to be two groups of users: those who care and understand the privacy implications of Facebook, and those who don’t.
  • Next, the two discuss an interesting post on Tippingpoint Labs blog, showing the chart of the week: the information overload paradox. Doug points out that it’s probably not necessary for companies to attempt to appear objective when curating content: after all, a company will be referencing information that makes sense for them to disseminate.
  • Jen and Doug conclude the show by discussing the Truthy project, a research team program conducted by University of Indiana information scientists that susses out AstroTurf on Twitter. The group was able to determine “robo-tweeters” by assessing patterns of tweets and re-tweets. Jen discusses what she finds interesting about the program, while Doug wonders if there’s any point: does anyone really pay any attention at all to these tweets?
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