September 29, 2022

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Radio Roundtable: Gawker breach, top Tweets, and FB’s dumbest criminals

Radio Roundtable: Gawker breach, top Tweets, and FB’s dumbest criminals

This week on the Radio Roundtable, host Jen Zingsheim was joined by co-host Sarah Wurrey to discuss the Gawker mega-breach, the year’s top Tweets and YouTube videos, and what have to be several of the world’s dumber criminals–now on Facebook.


This week’s show is 24 minutes long.

  • First, the two discuss the possible fallout from the Gawker email/password breach. Sarah notes that the response from other major Internet companies and social networks was impressive: she received notification from a variety of them prompting her to change her passwords on their sites. Jen asks if the release of what were anonymous usernames might have a chilling effect on commenters–or if they may leave Gawker properties for good after this. Sarah suggests that everyone has a different threshold for privacy and sharing, whether as an anonymous commenter or on Facebook.
  • Next, it’s that time of year again: the “best of/top whatever” lists are flying fast and furious. Sarah and Jen discuss two of them: the Twitter list of Most Powerful Tweets and the top 10 YouTube videos of the year. Sarah is surprised that the Tweets selected were so news-y–she’d expected more fluff from celebs. Jen points out that it’s a list that Twitter developed, so “Most Powerful” Tweets would need to have some gravitas. Both were disappointed in the YouTube videos–a movie trailer made the list? Really? Meh.
  • Then, they move on to discussing a story out of the Washington, D.C. area. A columnist’s house was robbed and in an innovative and some might say rather stupid twist, the robber decided to use the laptop he was stealing to snap a photo and post it to the Facebook account that was open on the computer, which belonged to the columnist’s 15 year old son. The picture showed the robber, wearing a coat stolen from the house, holding money–also stolen. Police are working to find the robber, noting that having a picture of the robber is “unusual.” Sarah also notes another D.C.-area criminal mastermind posted his intentions to plant pipe bombs in the Metro system on Facebook–and was promptly arrested.
  • Finally, the two briefly discuss the selection of Mark Zuckerberg as Time Magazine’s Person of the Year. Facebook has had a major impact on the way we communicate, and as the article in Time notes, one-twelfth of the world’s population is now on a single social network. That’s pretty impressive.
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