September 27, 2022

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Just Check-In (and other Social Blog Jots)

Just Check-In (and other Social Blog Jots)

So—do you check in? If so, why?

It’s a good question, and one that tickled me, as I’ve never really necessarily “gotten” the whole point of services like Foursquare and Facebook Places. I get them on the surface, and I can see how they can be interesting from a marketing perspective (offering special deals to “mayors” or using the “tips” feature on Foursquare), but for me, for the most part, there doesn’t seem to be much point beyond what I used to tell my mom when I didn’t have another reason for my behavior: “Just cuz.”

If you like playing with social media tools and don’t have the privacy worries some harbor, then why not let your online friends know where you are? And as CC Chapman points out, this can sometimes lead to happy accidents where you are given the opportunity to catch up with contacts in your vicinity (I hear this happens most often at airports).

My biggest use of check-ins? Checking in at the gym. If I always check in when I hit the gym, then I’ll continue remaining somewhat accountable. My Facebook friends almost always notice my check ins, and some “like” or comment on them. This positive reinforcement keeps me motivated.

What do you check in for?

I Check In for Serendipity – CC Chapman – In response to a tweet, asking the same CC Chapman explains how he uses location-based social media, and what it means to him: happy accidents. “For instance earlier this week I had a layover in Charlotte and a friend of mine saw me check-in. He was two gates down from mine so we got a chance to sit down and catch up which we had not done in over a year. If I hadn’t checked-in, we would have missed each other.”

5 Influence Traps You Must Avoid – Valeria Maltoni – What is the value of influence? Are you more prone to attempt to market to people with large followings at the expense of people who actually care? Also, even what’s popular online isn’t always popular offline—how to maneuver that balance? Valeria weighs in. “There are several other examples of fun and entertaining online characters in ad campaigns that have great recall. Yet, they have sold little product. People do not associate the company to the character is one reason. The entertainment was great, but they have no compelling reason to buy, is another.”

Being a Social Media Pro, and a Dad – Doug Haslam – To let your kid on Facebook, or not? Seems like a tough question for those of us who are on Facebook a LOT, for both work and personal use. Do as I say, not as I do can come in handy, especially if you feel your teenager isn’t ready for social networking. “While I am something of an over-sharer in my pursuit to understand social media tools, my enjoyment in using them, and the expansion of my professional/social circles, I’m not as eager to get my child involved as one might think. I do want him to use these tools, use them smart and use them well. just not now.”

Best RSS Reader – Julia Roy – How did I not know about Feedly? Check out Julia’s post for a great recommendation to help you sift through your Google Reader piles. “Feedly uses your Gmail login info to access and sync with your existing Google Reader account. Your feed content is then beautifully displayed in a magazine style interface that is customizable, easily organized and automatically synced with Google Reader. Instead of attempting to list all the features and explain why Feedly is awesome sauce, I’ve recorded a screencast demo of my Feedly account to show how it works.”

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