September 25, 2022

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New Year, New Name (and other Social Media Blog Jots)

New Year, New Name (and other Social Media Blog Jots)

Well, the blog Jots took a long winter’s nap over the holiday season, which were a bit hectic for yours truly both personally and professionally.  But I plan to keep them moving on a weekly basis from here on out—hence, some housecleaning items:

–          Want to be featured in the Jots? Tell me about your blog! I only have about 25 blogs in my reader I focus on for content here, as it’s all I can personally keep up with as a busy career gal. Got an idea for a great blog or post you want me to feature? Let me know! Send me a link on Twitter, @sarahwurrey.

–          New year, new name. We’ve long called the Jots by their original name from waaay back in 2007, the PR Blog Jots. In the four years since then (holy moly), I would say the focus of this column has shifted beyond just how the changing communications landscape impacts PR, but any number of industries. I’ve decided to re-christen the Jots as simply “Social Media Blog Jots.” Good? Bad? Let me know what you think would be better!

On to the jots! So much has happened in the tail end of last year and this first week of 2011, the jots are all over the map this week, but these bloggers are hitting the nail on the head as always. Enjoy, and Happy New Year.

Pitching Guide – Shel Holtz – Sure, I may have changed the name of this roundup, but that doesn’t mean that good old fashioned PR posts aren’t still welcome. And who to go to for those but Shel Holtz? Shel laments the lack of a good, updated guide to pitching, and notes that a recent publication may hold some use for PR pros. “Released by the Center for Food and Agricultural Business at Purdue University, An Agricultural Retailer’s Guide to Customer Care is less a guide for PR pros than a review for the agricultural community on the nature of customer engagement today specifically as it pertains to agricultural retailers who sell to growers. But it can equally be viewed as a set of guidelines for any PR, advertising, or marketing agency with an assignment (or the desire to win an assignment) from companies selling chemicals, seed, and fuel for farm operations.”

Who’s Got Klout? – Valeria Maltoni – I have been hoping for a good post on Klout to include here, and Valeria delivers. She offers a great rundown explaining how Klout works, as well as its broader implications. “What does Klout measure? Using more than 35 variables, the secret sauce, on Facebook and Twitter, it measures True Reach, which excludes spam bots and inactive streams, Amplification Probability, which it says it’s the likelihood that someone will act on your content, and Network Score, which is the influence level of your network.”

Once Again, Women in Tech – Geoff Livingston – New in “topics Sarah never gets tired of highlighting,” Geoff Livingston has an in-depth post with Robert Scoble about women in the technology business. “Following up from the joint blog post, “Why Tech Already Has Women…” co-authored with Danny Brown, noted tech blogger Robert Scoble felt the critical remarks in the post were unfair. After discussion and sharing our source material, he agreed to answer five questions and clarify his views. Thank you, Robert, for addressing this criticism directly, and for taking the time to answer these questions.”

New Journalism – Mitch Joel – Who could miss the story of Ted Williams this week? As the homeless man with the “golden voice” made the rounds on talk shows, the speed and power of social media influence became a part of his story. “What brought this story into our hearts wasn’t the work of great editors or producers… it was the work of the new journalists. People like Chenoweth III, who are beginning to see that a truly great story doesn’t need a gatekeeper… it just needs a home. Social Media is this home. It is an instant publishing channel that treats all pieces of content equally. How far that piece travels and who it reaches it not based on a fixed distribution system or promise of reach. It’s based on who passes the story around (and well beyond YouTube and into other channels like Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, etc…).”

Social Media Predictions for 2011 – Doug Haslam – Doug really says it all (grin).

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