October 5, 2022

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Radio Roundtable: Quora, WaPo’s Social Marketing, and creative pitching

Radio Roundtable: Quora, WaPo’s Social Marketing, and creative pitching

This week, Jen Zingsheim is joined by co-host Bryan Person. The two discuss Quora, The Washington Post’s Facebook social marketing agency, and creative pitching ideas.


Today’s show is 22 minutes in length.

  • First, Jen and Bryan discuss Quora, a fairly new to the social media scene tool, that allows for collaborative answers to questions. While the concept is intriguing, Jen and Bryan feel that a post on ZDNet by Jennifer Leggio and Rich Harris raises many excellent points about how the service is structured and managed. Jen mentions that Neville Hobson also wrote an interesting post on the service; Neville notes that one of the benefits for PR is that Quora serves as another listening channel. Jen admits she hasn’t signed up for the service yet–concerned by all of the Tweets suggesting people’s Twitter followers were messaged/spammed when others joined. Bryan notes that thus far, most of the users have been men.
  • Next, the two talk about the Washington Post’s foray into Facebook marketing–is this a good idea? Will it work? Bryan says that it’s worth a try, and is an interesting approach. Jen wonders if businesses will feel comfortable about the vendor-client relationship aspect of such an effort, noting that this is somewhat different than the typical relationship advertisers have with newspapers.
  • Finally, the two talk about creative pitching. Coming on the heels of The Most Amazing Press Release Ever Written, we have the YouTube stylings of the gentlemen from CodeWeaver pitching CrossOver Impersonator, an application that allows Macs to run as PCs. The clever and targeted use of YouTube for pitching three specific journalists–whilst dressed in drag–is eye-catching and memorable.
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