September 27, 2022

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Radio Roundtable: Gawker redesign, Toyota Blogola, and a toast to Red Cross

Radio Roundtable: Gawker redesign, Toyota Blogola, and a toast to Red Cross

Jen Zingsheim was joined by co-host Sarah Wurrey for this week’s Radio Roundtable. The two discussed Gawker’s redesign, Toyota’s offer of gift cards for positive posts, and the Red Cross’s deft recovery to an errant Tweet.


This week’s show is 27 minutes in length.

  • First, Jen and Sarah discuss Gawker’s redesign, which they both dislike. Intensely. Setting aside aesthetics, Sarah says that the blatant, flashy GIF advertising is getting on her nerves. Jen discusses what the plummeting site view numbers could mean to a site that relies on advertising revenue: no eyeballs will mean no advertisers. Sarah notes that the commenting communities on several of Gawker’s sites are also disappointed with the redesign–and these amount to the site’s “loyal customer base.” Without commenters, Gawker sites would be less entertaining, notes Jen. Both Sarah and Jen think that the combination of unhappy commenters and fewer site visits doesn’t bode well for the redesign.
  • Next, the two cover the Toyota “blogola” mini-scandal. Jen points out that $10 gift cards are hardly the level of payout that people would be swayed by. Sarah agrees, and further notes that if Toyota had simply solicited clearly identified “sponsored posts” perhaps the feedback wouldn’t have been so negative. Jen feels that marketers and PR reps are now between a rock and a hard place–no one likes or trusts advertising, but some blogging communities feel taken advantage of if they aren’t paid for their efforts–which is essentially advertising. Sarah suggests more events like BlogHer, only for different communities, might be the answer. The events allow people to network and create relationships.
  • Finally, the two wrap up the show by discussing the Red Cross’s errant “beer tweet” and their very social media savvy recovery. Also a winner? The beer company (Dogfish Head) mentioned in the Tweet. They quickly got on board and directed fans of the brew to donate to the Red Cross–a social media “win” if Sarah and Jen ever saw one.
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