September 25, 2022

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Watching the SocialBowl 2011

Watching the SocialBowl 2011

The most buzz around a brand for last year’s Super Bowl was for Pepsi – the company that didn’t run an ad during the big game. This year, with millions more people interacting with brands through social media using computers and mobile phones, the other game is more interesting: The SocialBowl. Here’s a quick primer on how to listen to all those voices coming from the Super Bowl. After all, you need something to keep you amused in between commercial breaks. Set up that monitor next to the big screen and get the chili and chips out.

We can monitor the public chatter from Twitter and Facebook, even without accounts on the high-profile social sites. The best part is that this works with events from American Idol to sporting events.

Here’s a mini-guide on social searching 101:

The pound sign (#) is used to designate a “hashtag” – a term that being “tweeted” and is designed to be searchable. For example #SB45 will be used in tweets on Twitter to designate discussion about the big game. During baseball season, it’s not unusual to see #RedSox, #Mets or #Cubs hashtags. There is #GLEE, #IDOL, and even the other football (sorry) uses hashtags for each soccer club.  For example Manchester United is #MUFC. Get it? Everyone knows how to follow their team’s chatter.

My favorite tool to watch the live chatter is Tweetgrid which allows you to post several different real-time searches across the Twittersphere. For example, you can search #Packers in one box, #Steelers in another, and #SB45, the official hashtag, in a third box.

If you just want something that looks cool and does the same thing, check out Twitterfall. Add the same searches on the left side, and the display is just cool, but both are worth the try. (Do you have other tools? Please share with us in the comments below).

If you just want to search on what’s trending hot right now (or a few hours or days back) check out socialmention or Topsy. These also search across blogs, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn public pages – and many more. You can event set alerts to be e-mailed to you if you wanted to do something crazy, like set up a search on your company.

Powerhouse agency Mullen has teamed up with social media analytics company Radian6 to create the BrandBowl 2011 (#BrandBowl). According to the site, “Brand Bowl was built to gauge public reaction to the brands advertising during the Super Bowl. By monitoring Twitter, we can measure people’s opinions and rank the brands accordingly. The brand with the top “brand bowl score” on Sunday night will be the winner of Brand Bowl 2011.”

Even the NFL Super Bowl web site has a monitor the will display the real-time visualizations of tweets during the Super Bowl.

The point is, there is no lack of ways to watch the other *real* game: The fight not just for your purchases (that is so old school), but rather for your time and engagement with the goal of you becoming a brand advocate who will share your love for their brand. And you’re just one Facebook “like” and a few comments away.

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