September 30, 2022

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CustomScoop Spring 2011 Release: More user interface improvements

CustomScoop Spring 2011 Release: More user interface improvements

As the snow melts and bulbs push determinedly up through the still-somewhat-frozen ground, we in New Hampshire start to get a little spring fever. Whether it’s a new coat of paint or just opening windows, we’re ready for change. Fresh and updated are the keywords I’d use to describe the Spring 2011 Release–we’ve further improved our user interface, building on changes we made in our Autumn 2010 Release.

The objective for this release was to make things even quicker for users. Now, it’s quicker to access information, quicker to process that information, and quicker to report information.

A look at some of the notable improvements:

  • Redesigned Home Page and Daily Email provide system users a quick “at a glance” breakdown of source information
  • New source icons allow users to easily identify their social media and traditional media results
  • A new action box enables users to quickly tag, rate, or delete results for large quantities of content
  • For subscribers of the Professional and Team Editions, single-click ratings speed up the process of assigning sentiment
  • Subscribers can now use one-click icons to perform a variety of reporting functions, including creating charts, spreadsheets, PDFs, and generating XML and RSS feeds
  • Team Edition subscribers now have a streamlined process for adding results to their accounts

We’re very pleased with the improvements, and as an internal beta tester, I can attest that the new interface saves me time–but we want to know what you think! If you’re a subscriber, let us know–and if you aren’t a subscriber and want to see what we’ve been up to, please sign up for a free, 2-week trial.

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