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The Art of Mobile (and other Social Blog Jots)

The Art of Mobile (and other Social Blog Jots)

At this point in the game, most social media professionals can expect clients and executives to have a solid grasp on the basics. They understand why they need to get in the game (or perhaps why they don’t), and the typical types of engagements they want to start with—but what about mobile?

It’s a common question among my clients. Or make that plural: questions. Do we need a mobile version of our website? How can we coordinate our mobile website with our social media properties? Can we use text messaging for communications? What about location-based services, how can those help us?

Luckily, some of the smartest in the field have plenty of information that can help you guide your clients through the tricky world of mobile, including some information in this week’s jots!

Mobile Goes Local – Shel Holtz – In a terrific post with details from several recent studies, Shel breaks down how smart phone users are absorbing information on their phone, and what it may mean for businesses at the local level.  “From the eMarketer chart above, it’s easy to see the kind of content people find valuable: weather, traffic, restaurants, convenience services, coupons for local establishments, ATMs, movie times and news. There are communication opportunities in these categories, but recognizing the emerging and inescapble trend of accessing local information from mobile devices should also kick-start some innovative thinking about other ways to reach interested audiences.”

Engaging with Location Based Services – Aaron Strout – Location based services (involving “check-ins” with services such as Facebook, Foursquare, and Twitter) have become even more popular with smart phone users—and marketers. “For starters, any company that is engaging in location based marketing should consider offers that are not only universal (mayor offers are somewhat overrated), but also that encourage initial and then repeat behavior. There is a local coffeeshop/theater here in Austin, TX called the Hideout that does a nice job on this front. Their offer gives you a 2 for 1 ticket to the theater on your 1st, 5th and 10th checkins (and free admission for the mayor). This provides immediate value the first time you checkin but also keeps you checking in (and ideally coming back) to continue to get your discount.””

If You Did SXSW Right… – Chris Brogan – Was this your first year’s SXSW trip? Check out Chris’ post on what to do now? Some do’s and don’ts on what to do with that stack of business cards (if you got any, in this increasingly digital age) and more. “This is the #1 sin of people who take my business card. They quite often decide that I must want their email newsletter. I mean, who wouldn’t? Don’t do this. #1, it’s borderline illegal by FCC standards (in the US, at least), and #2, it’s a jerkbag move.  However, and I know that Christopher S. Penn was waiting to see if I’d mention this, you can invite them to join your amazing email newsletter as a specific ask in a short email to their addresses. That works.””

Is Facebook for Business Overrated? – Eric Brown – What would you say is the biggest complaint about social media? For me, it’s definitely that it’s tough to determine ROI. But does that make it an overrated tool? I don’t think so, but Eric has some good points in his piece about the value of Facebook for business. “Why do we, and a zillion other businesses continue to deploy marketing dollars toward Facebook, all in the name of growing a fan base? At what point do we stop because we haven’t gotten any sales from the effort put forth. That is not to say we don’t strike up a conversation or two on our Facebook wall from time to time, and we are not downplaying the value of conversation and engagement, however, does that value outweigh the cost? We successfully utilize a multitude of tools and platforms in our digital arsenal to drive leads, and Facebook is by far and away the lowest leveraged of anything we do.”

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