September 25, 2022

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Fool’s Gold.

Fool’s Gold.

Since nobody is going to take anything posted today seriously anyway, here is a roundup of some of the April Fool’s jokes the Internet hath wrought today:

The annual standard, Google, has announced GMail Motion. Autocompleter is pretty funny too.

Groupon has patented “April Fool’s Day.”

LinkedIn’s “People You May Know” does contain people you may know. Some are fictitious.

Huffington Post has erected a paywall for New York Times employees, via TechCrunch.

I think this one from RyanAir is an April Fool’s joke, but knowing RyanAir’s penchant for controversy and its desire to derive revenue from wherever possible, maybe not.

GreyScale launches in response to Color. It is the first social network centering on loneliness. They expect to be huge in Eastern Europe.

ThinkGeek is always good for a giggle on April Fool’s, and this year offers the ultimate geek-with-a-sweet tooth-accessory: the Gummi iPhone case.

For all the killjoys out there, here’s a link discussing how to avoid getting sued for pranks. Sheesh.

Me, I’m going to go out and harvest some pasta from my spaghetti tree. Once it stops snowing here, of course.

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