September 29, 2022

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All About Curation (and other Social Blog Jots)

All About Curation (and other Social Blog Jots)

Another return to fine Jots form after a bit of an absence—let’s just say things have been busy here in D.C. But I am ready to make a (my third or fourth?) comeback with a terrific blast of content this week. Specifically, I noticed a couple of great posts about a topic that hasn’t received much coverage on this site, but may be due: content curation.

It’s a good topic for me, because I struggle mightily and constantly with keeping myself inspired for ideas. My own blog is sadly only updated once every couple months, partly because I’m just less into blogging than I used to be and partly because even when I do think to myself “hey I should write a blog post today” my brain sometimes tends to respond with “…..”


Sad state of affairs. And doing just a little content curation when I get the chance could really help—when I can’t come up with an idea, just sift through a few of the things I’ve marked as of interest, and see if inspiration strikes.


How do you make content curation work for you?


New Twists on Content Curation – Heather Rast – On the oneforty blog this week, Heather covers some basics of content curation, and ways you can draw on tools you may already use every day to organize and curate your online content. As someone who writes a weekly Jots column linking to others’ work, I found that bit of advice particularly appropriate! “Another way to add fresh content to your blog is to create themed posts that draw on other peoples’ good stuff. As part of your editorial planning, establish a day to publish a post on a single topic, then showcase links collected from a variety of resources (preferably some your audiences might not otherwise know about – you’ll be a hero).”


Five Curation Opportunities for Employee Communications – Shel Holtz – As Shel points out, often internal communications within businesses may be overlooked in favor of the notion that we must be constantly pushing our content out instead. He offers some tips for using content curation to hone your internal comms. “It’s hardly unusual for a company to share external news about the organization, the industry and the marketplace as a regular intranet feature. Almost always, though, these are feeds provided by an outside service like NewsEdge. A truly curated resource would provide greater value, with communicators culling through external content, selecting the best, the most interesting, the most relevant, and adding context by explaining why the story was included. This approach can prove far more useful to employees who want to stay up to speed on how the external world perceives the organization.”


How Do You (or can you) Measure Online Influence? – Valeria Maltoni – As a CustomScoop alum I can hardly avoid a good measurement post, and Valeria almost always has terrific thoughts on this subject. This week, she tackles online influence measurement, and specifically how new tools (such as Twylah) are helping marketers to target influencers more specifically. “Because no matter how influential a person or a few may be, based upon their credibility and trust, there is still a gap to cover between buzz and action, convenience and relevance, talk, and walk. That gap is better analysis of data/information. It is also better business acumen in knowing what to listen for.”


Anti-Social Media? – Ilana Rabinovitz – Ah, the digital information bloat. Why do I feel like we’ve been discussing this for years? The more social media has expanded, the more “input” (as Johnny Five would say) has become available, and it appears that those in the digital age are something of a glutton for input. Ilana covers the movement afoot that encourages digital junkies to (dare I say it?) unplug and step away from the smartphone/laptop/tablet, and go on a digital diet. “When you write a blog post don’t repeat what you’ve read hundreds of times. If you take a position or write about a topic in social media (although it has no doubt been discussed before,) make sure to add value to the conversation by putting your own, original spin on it. When you retweet, say why. No one will want to waste time on empty digital calories.”


Social Media and Disasters – Kami Huyse – In a stunningly excellent post on the use of social media during a crisis, something that is all too familiar to survivors of the recent spate of tornadoes in the South and Midwest, Kami covers some extremely valuable ways to leverage social media expertise during disaster recovery.  “Usually, if you have a charged phone with no outgoing or incoming voice service, you can usually get in touch with text messages. There have been many examples during the Joplin tornadoes, and in other tragedies, of survivors reaching out through text messaging. Kerry Sachetta, principal of Joplin High School, said in an interview on NPR, ‘Facebook and social networking and text messaging has been a big help to get a hold of students. You know, coaches, sponsors that talk to their kids through text message to make sure that they know how to get to practice or games or whatever has been a big help.’”

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