September 29, 2022

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Radio Roundtable: Coming Soon to a Podcast near you

Radio Roundtable: Coming Soon to a Podcast near you

This is apparently what happens when I go on an unplugged vacation: I forget how the equipment works. When Sarah Wurrey and I started recording today, I couldn’t figure out why the audio wasn’t coming through the headset. This has happened before with Skype–Doug Haslam taught me how to fix it–but for some reason, the fix wasn’t working this time.

The recording seemed to be working however, so we went ahead and recorded the show.

And when I went to edit it, the sound was awful. Think about two people talking into tin cans in a real, not-just-social-media echo chamber. Remember when you were a little kid and recorded things like your own versions of commercials on a tape recorder, over your parent’s American Top 40 Hits cassettes, and the audio sounded all far away and tinny? It sounded like that.

(What, I’m the only kid that did that?)

We’ll be re-recording on Monday. And after a weekend’s rest, perhaps I’ll be able to remember to check and make sure my headset is properly plugged in–which was the problem.


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