June 28, 2022

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Jots by Numbers (Social Blog Jots)

Jots by Numbers (Social Blog Jots)

Many times in social media, people get too obsessed with numbers. How many followers do we have? How many do we want? How many people liked our Facebook page today? How many people have hidden our Facebook page from view because we post too many times a day? The numbers questions are neverending, often the wrong ones, and there aren’t always answers.

But I noticed a theme while sifting through blogs for this week’s jots, and guess what it was? Numbers! What really struck home for me is something I’ve been struggling with—how many social media accounts can one person maintain, along with a full-time job, and a life? I’ve always marveled at the social media types who seem to be up on everything, always getting the latest beta invites, active and engaged on every platform. That? Is so not me. I can hardly keep up with Google+!

How many accounts do you have? Or, as Jeremiah Owyang tackles, how many accounts does your brand have?

Number of Corporate Social Media Accounts on the Rise – Jeremiah Owyang – I have noticed this trend a lot with online publications, the idea of numerous Twitter accounts for a single newspaper. One for sports, one for metro, etc. I thought it was interesting, but never thought much of it. Jeremiah points out that the trend of numerous social accounts per brand is something to pay attention to. “Large corporations have dozens to hundreds of products, and each can be regionalized spurring on the number of accounts, plus corporate level accounts, as well as campaign focused accounts created by agency partners. While 178 seems like a lot now, it’s only going to increase, what’s spurring this growth? This is an indicator that companies are shifting into hub and spoke and multiple hub and spoke, also known as “Dandelion“, which our research on maturity models indicate this a growing trend. Beyond the data, it’s just common sense as each business unit beyond corporate communications wants their own account.”

The Magic Number – Scott Monty – Scott covers something this week that I’ve grumbled about a number of times before: social media overload. How many social networks can a person possibly sustain? For some the sky’s the limit. For me (and Scott) that number may cap out at two or three. “Now, with the advent of Google+ coming online, we potentially have four major social networks to track and interact on. Personally, I’ve hit the breaking point. I can’t keep with with all of them (although admittedly, LinkedIn is the one that I keep dormant most of the time) and remain active on all three. There’s got to be a breaking point somewhere. For average people, one social network may do; for others, two is likely the limit.”

Community, Weight Loss, IABC, and Facebook vs Google + – Shel Holtz – In discussing a recent online weight loss community he created with friends, Shel zeroes in on the problem with Google+. Where are the groups? How can you build an online community there, without a page everyone can visit and post to? Do circles count? (No.) “Think of Groups as a clubhouse or meeting room that everybody comes to. Circles, on the other hand, is a list for my own personal use, allowing me to see postings and distribute my own content only to people I’ve added to the Circle. Recognizing that Google+ doesn’t offer Group-like functionality is one of the reasons (among many) I don’t see departing Facebook any time soon. Those Groups remain important communities for me. It’s also why I check Facebook frequently and Google+ only occasionally.”

Why Do You Follow? – CC Chapman – Like CC, since joining Google+ (an account I’ve woefully neglected in favor of Facebook in these early days) I’ve been astonished by all the people adding me to their circles who I have never met or heard of. CC did the smart thing and asked: Why are you following me? “What I was most happy about though was the one answer that came up over and over and is what I’ve been preaching from stage for years and to every client I have worked with and that is: ‘Because you share interesting things…’ Want to build a following? Want people to pay attention to what you are doing online? Then don’t use the megaphone to only shill for yourself and instead share great stuff that other people will find interesting.”

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