June 27, 2022

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The Google+ of it All (and Other Social Jots)

The Google+ of it All (and Other Social Jots)

At this point, almost everyone who wants to be an early adopter of Google+ has joined. I haven’t really said a thing about it in the few weeks I’ve been on there, mainly because, well, I haven’t spent a lot of time on there. Sure, I’ve set up some circles, added a bunch of folks, shared a bit of content. But certainly not with the up to the minute furor that I share on other networks. Mostly because I have yet to find a suitable tool for syncing content between, in particular, Facebook and Google+.

Until it either dies off a bit, becomes more of a niche tool that not everyone uses, or just out and out destroys Facebook altogether, I will probably be sticking to Facebook. Most of my personal friends and family network are still primarily on Facebook (though with a few converts), and Facebook has in recent years become a huge part of my professional life as well. Google+ will absolutely be a tool to add to the arsenal on that front, which is why I am staying on top of it, but until I start integrating it into what I’m working on for clients, I’m definitely more of a fringe player at this point.

But enough about me, what do you all have to say? I guarantee that this won’t be an all-G+ Jots…but let’s start with a couple of good ones!

The Google+ Wake-up Call – Mark Ivey – In the wake of some clunkers from Google (Wave anyone?), the early surge of Google+ could be shocking to many. But no one should let that stop them from starting to think about how it could become a part of their business strategy. “This is a great opportunity to step back, take a deep breath and assess your overall strategy and social media program. There’s no reason to panic. As Jason Falls pointed out Friday, the sky’s not going to fall immediately. We’re still in the early stages of what promises to be a long marathon. But marketers should take notice. If you’ve been on the fence or slow to re-align your marketing efforts around social media, Google+ should be a huge wake up call. What are you waiting for?”

Google+ Begins Booting Brands – Geoff Livingston – While everyone should start thinking about it, Geoff warns us all against jumping the gun. Google+ has already begun removing brands trying to set up shop on the network, as it likely has a plan in place for rolling out that type of capability. “Do not invest in formal brand marketing on Google+. As we have seen, Google+ is now policing its network and you risk losing your entire time investment. Further, until the business offering is created by Google, no one really knows how corporations and nonprofits can successfully navigate this new social network. In essence, until Google+ for business is released efforts are likely to be all for naught.”

8 Social Media Behaviors that Won’t Win You Customers – Valeria Maltoni – We all know I love a good “list” post for a Friday. Valeria points out that while most have accepted that social media has become a big part of marketing and customer service, many are still engaging in social media behaviors that may alienate their customer base. My favorite was pointing out that your content needs be planned out, and focused, rather than flinging everything you can think of out onto your channels. “You’re all over the place, yet there isn’t a coordinated effort behind it — seeing what sticks wasn’t a marketing strategy in 2010, it’s definitely passe’ in 2011.”

How I Write – Mitch Joel – I have always had a fondness for reading about writing. Stephen King’s tome on the subject is a personal favorite, and recently I have also enjoyed hearing from bloggers about their process as well. “Writing is a process of asking a question about something that inspired me – at any given moment – and trying to use critical thinking to create a thought or moment in time about it. In fact, Nate Guggia, asked me in an email today, “where does all the content come from?  Writing on a daily [basis] takes skill,” and that was the inspiration for this Blog post. The placement of those ideas is something that comes very naturally to me, as well (I usually have more ideas to Blog or write about than I actually publish). I can just tell – as the idea begins to percolate – if it would be best-suited for a Blog post or for an article.”

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