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A Checklist to Get the Most from Your Media Monitoring Service

A Checklist to Get the Most from Your Media Monitoring Service

Did you ever wonder if you are getting the most out of your monitoring service? Well, wonder no more–we are pleased to release an e-book on the subject. From tapping into the knowledge base of your service’s customer care team to using features to streamline your review and reporting processes, The Media Monitoring Checklist from CustomScoop will give you new ideas and a new perspective on how to maximize the value of your approach. Whether you use a free tool or any of the professional services available, the Checklist can help save you time and improve your results.

Think of The Media Monitoring Checklist as a “second set of eyes” that will help you to see your service in a different way, uncovering tips and tricks that will allow you to get more out of your tool or service. We’re all busy, and sometimes we don’t use all of the features available to us. It’s kind of like getting a fancy new gadget but not reading the manual–we don’t know what we’re missing until someone with the same gadget shows us something nifty that it can do–and we had no idea. A whole new world of options opens.

We hope the same will happen as you read and implement some of the suggestions in The Media Monitoring Checklist. And, while our experience with the CustomScoop service played a role in the proficiency needed to author an e-book on Media Monitoring, the tips and suggestions apply to a wide range of free and paid services.

We’re all about helping PR and Communications Pros getting more out of their monitoring efforts–“less time, less hassle” is one of our mantras here.

We hope you enjoy the e-book. To download your free copy of The Media Monitoring Checklist, click here.

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Jennifer Zingsheim Phillips is the Director of Marketing Communications for CARMA. She is also the founder of 4L Strategies, and has worked in communications and public affairs for more than 20 years. Her background includes work in politics, government, lobbying, public affairs PR, content creation, and digital and social communications and media analysis.

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