September 27, 2022

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Get Creative to Get Attention and Sell Your Book, Product, or Cause

Get Creative to Get Attention and Sell Your Book, Product, or Cause

When you think of humor and entertainment, you rarely think of high-tech venture capitalists. That’s part of what makes the video I’m going to tell you about so effective.

You see, Jason Mendelson and Brad Feld wrote a book called Venture Deals that is designed to help entrepreneurs and others understand the startup financing game. These days authors invest more of their own time and energy into dreaming up and executing marketing schemes for their books. So Jason decided to create a music video spoofing the VC profession.

Take a few minutes to watch the video below, and then we’ll discuss further.


This video has gotten some good circulation in the target community, with many high-tech entrepreneurs watching it, sharing the link, and talking about it. As of this writing, nearly the video has been watched nearly 30,000 times.

Here’s some of what makes the video effective:

  • As noted before, it plays against type. Who would think VC’s would dress up and act silly … not to mention sing and dance on camera. Poking fun at yourself often works.
  • It’s authentic. Jason wrote, performed, and produced the video (with help from others, of course).
  • It’s funny. Humor goes a long way to getting your message around. Just make sure that folks are laughing with you and not at you.
  • It appeals to the book’s target audience. Don’t forget that videos and other content you use for promotion shouldn’t just get eyeballs – they should try to find the right  eyeballs.
  • It’s high quality. You don’t necessarily have to produce content that matches professional media – in print, video, or online. But you do want to make sure it doesn’t look amateurish. In this case, the production values are excellent, of course.
  • The book itself gets plugged up front. Don’t forget your product! Think about those TV ads that you watch and can maybe even recite – but you have no idea what it was advertising. That’s a failure because creativity overtook practicality. There needs to be a balance.

Bottom line: get creative as a way to get attention for your book, product, cause, or whatever else you are promoting.

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