October 4, 2022

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6 Health and Fitness Apps to Help Tame Turkey Tummy

6 Health and Fitness Apps to Help Tame Turkey Tummy

Happy Thanksgiving to all friends of Media Bullseye. CEO Chip Griffin is running in a Turkey Trot today, so in the spirit of fitness and health, here are some useful apps for iPhone/iPad and Android, to, um, offset today’s main event: eating.

For iPhone/iPad:

  • RunKeeper – I see this one pop up all the time on my Facebook page, it certainly seems to be the g0-to app for my running friends (I don’t run unless there is something chasing me). It uses the GPS in your iPhone to keep track of your run, and was one of Apple’s top apps in the iTunes store. It keeps track of your pace, distance, calories burned, etc. You can share your progress on Twitter and Facebook, adding a social element.
  • MapMyFitness – Similar to RunKeeper in using the GPS on your iPhone, this app keeps track of a range of activities including gym workouts, bicycle rides, walking, and more. Gym activity appears to need manual entry.
  • Tap & Track – This app appears to keep track of everything–from calorie counts to calories burned. It’s a comprehensive database of food items, restaurants, and food brands, combined with an exercise tracker. Does anyone else think it’s cruel to call charts on this app “pie” charts? Just me? (I’ll have apple, please. Giggle/snort.)

For Android:

  • Are you a road warrior? Travel can wreak havoc on just about anyone’s exercise and nutrition regimen. CrossFit Travel can help you maintain your exercise routine when you are on the road for work, or over the river and through the woods to grandma’s house for turkey. Exercises guided by the app can be done in a “small space”–I suppose they are referencing a hotel room, and not the aisle of most flights these days.
  • Stressed? How about some yoga? Pocket Yoga (this is also available for iPad, and in the interest of transparency, this is the only app the author has personally used) can help, with 145 illustrated poses and three difficulty levels. Breathe deeply, and namaste. There’s no place like Om.
  • I’m including this last one because it sounds cool. And fun. Clearly, I’m a nerd…it’s called SpecTrek, and using your phone’s GPS, you go on a “ghost hunt” walking or running to find virtual ghosts. Hey, if you are going to exercise, you might as well have fun too.

Happy Thanksgiving All!

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