September 29, 2022

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Interview with David Meerman Scott on Newsjacking

Interview with David Meerman Scott on Newsjacking

Last Wednesday, I had the opportunity to interview author and blogger David Meerman Scott about his new book, titled Newsjacking: How to Inject your Ideas into a Breaking News Story and Generate Tons of Media Coverage.


The interview is 18 minutes.

We discussed the timing of the book’s release (it is available exclusively as an e-book), how newsjacking works–and why it’s different than simply determining what makes a good “hook” for a news release–and how communicators need to train themselves to adopt new habits to respond quickly to newsjack successfully.

While David points out that newsjacking isn’t a new and unheard of process, the way in which it is discussed in the book makes it an easily accessible approach. All you need to do is monitor and pay attention to the news, be ready to act, and above all, you need to be fearless. We also discussed Larry Flynt (now you have to listen, right?!)

We talked about all this and more during the interview. If you have a communicator on your holiday gift list, consider giving them the gift of Newsjacking. They’ll be glad you did!


A note on the recording: This interview was recorded using Skype, which is the same process we use to record the Roundtable, typically with no problems. This time, however, there is an echo that is particularly noticeable early on in the recording. My apologies to David, and to listeners. 


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