September 29, 2022

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Radio Roundtable: PRSA’s PR push, the must-have social media tool, and letting social media direct your biz

Radio Roundtable: PRSA’s PR push, the must-have social media tool, and letting social media direct your biz

This week, Doug Haslam of Voce Communications (a Porter Novelli Company) joined me on the Roundtable–we discussed PRSA’s push to redefine PR, the “must-have” social media tool (it’s probably not what you think), and whether it’s smart to let social media direct your business decisions.


This week’s show is 32-minutes long.

  • First, we discuss the PRSA’s most recent push to redefine PR. Doug notes he had to check the date of the article, because, well, we’ve been down this road before. I point out that it’s important to know what the goal is here: who are we looking to define PR for–is it for PR professionals (so we can clearly state what it is that PR is) or is it for others? Doug points out there is a “cobbler’s children have no shoes” aspect to this, that PR might know how to communicate for clients, but not for ourselves. He further notes that it would be helpful to determine what the common points are in PR, and use that as a starting point. All of the different disciplines in PR, from media relations to public affairs to the ever-growing sphere of digital communications, have different objectives. But there are common themes, we should begin by identifying what those are.
  • Next, we discuss an excellent post by Amber Naslund that looks at the “Most Powerful Social Media Measurement Tool Money Can Buy.” Hint: it’s reading this post. Yes, Human, it is you. Doug points out that this is one of those “of course” things that we don’t really think about enough–that people are required to effectively design a social media program, and analyze the results pulled in by *any* of the monitoring tools out there. I note that there’s another role for humans that the machines haven’t trumped us on yet: validation of results. An actual person needs to review, test, calibrate, etc. whatever tool that is being used. [I’ll take this space to wish Amber the best of luck in her new ventures. She will be departing Radian6 as of Dec. 1, to start her own business.]
  • Finally, we talk about Dave Fleet’s post “Should you let social media conversations direct your business?” Upon reading the headline, my response was “of course not!”–but, in reading Dave’s post, he focuses on the need to think and select strategically what (and how) to respond to social media. Doug notes the portion of the post that discusses approaching insights strategically, and yes, this is where businesses need to focus. Haphazardly following any and every comment or criticism gleaned from social channels won’t do a business any good. But strategically approaching the insights, with business goals in mind, makes sense.
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Jennifer Zingsheim Phillips is the Director of Marketing Communications for CARMA. She is also the founder of 4L Strategies, and has worked in communications and public affairs for more than 20 years. Her background includes work in politics, government, lobbying, public affairs PR, content creation, and digital and social communications and media analysis.

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