September 29, 2022

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How bloggers can benefit from media monitoring – Santa Edition

How bloggers can benefit from media monitoring – Santa Edition

Bloggers can’t be everywhere online at once, keeping tabs on their key topics at all times. An automated media monitoring system can help do this heavy lifting for bloggers. In keeping with the season, here are a few ways that a media monitoring system may be useful for a Santa-focused blogger:

24/7 coverage – A monitoring account with key search criteria set up ahead of time would allow a blogger to take some time off from their rigorous media consumption schedules during the holidays. Alternately, if you are swamped with other commitments this time of year, like a certain jolly old elf, a monitoring account can hold down the fort, collecting the important bits of news while you are busy with other things.

Boom-time coverage – December is crunch-time for Santa coverage. A quick search yields more than 50,000 results in traditional media and millions of mentions in social media like Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and forums. Sometimes things are so hectic that you need something to just collect everything on your topics of interest in one place. That way you can focus on rating, prioritizing, and analyzing the buzz, allowing you to step back and see the trends or the themes emerge in the coverage rather than just consuming the flood. It would allow you to pull out just the most influential results from The Donner & Blitzen Report and The Elf-ton Herald or see the spread of a review from the widely-read blog The Rudolph Post, and which toys are in high demand this season.

Lean-time inspiration – Bloggers understand the ebb and flow of news coverage for their topics. In those lean times it’s good to have a tool to use to catch any news out there on your topic to help you write innovative copy for your blog. For instance, in May, June and July, when the holiday-world turns its eyes to Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and the Fourth of July, a Santa-focused blogger could search for what Chris Cringle might give to his parents, Santa’s favorite vacation spots (or perhaps relocation research), or write a post on the fireworks displays at the North Pole.

Generate new ideas or track tangential topics – Innovative approaches to a blog’s bread and butter topics are sometimes hard to come by. To keep things fresh you might set up a few search strings to help flesh out posts on sleigh maintenance, consumer trends in toys, or reindeer health and fitness.

Instant alerts – Occasionally, a blogger has advance warning on a breaking news item or special report. At these times it would be helpful to set up a media monitoring account to get timely reports on the response to such news. Everyone knows that there is a “Naughty or Nice List” set to be published. By having a media monitoring account set up ahead of time you can snag the report as soon as it is released as well as compiling all the buzz as other bloggers respond to the names on the list.

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