June 28, 2022

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Windrum, a tireless advocate, seeks to SMAC cancer

Windrum, a tireless advocate, seeks to SMAC cancer

Last week, I had the pleasure of speaking with Jennifer Windrum, the driving force behind the WTF (Where’s The Funding) for lung cancer awareness. Windrum, whose mother has been battling lung cancer for several years (and no, she’s never smoked), continues her advocacy efforts with a seemingly bottomless supply of energy. In addition to continuing her work there, she’s taking the entrepreneurial plunge and will be launching a sock monkey line, called “SMAC”–Sock Monkeys Against Cancer–to raise funds and awareness for a range of different cancers.

As many of you know, Joe Paterno of Penn State lost his fight with lung cancer this weekend. Due to the stigma surrounding this disease, it doesn’t get nearly the attention or funding that other cancers do. I encourage you to listen to the interview and hear about Jennifer’s efforts on behalf of lung cancer patients.


Our talk is 18 minutes long.

The Q&A ranged from discussing the success of her efforts with WTF, how the sock monkey effort came to be, and how she–and her mom–are doing.

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