February 17, 2019

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Radio Roundtable: the ‘Path’ to disclosure, media landscape, and can Reddit write bills?

Radio Roundtable: the ‘Path’ to disclosure, media landscape, and can Reddit write bills?

This week, co-host Chip Griffin joined me to discuss the disclosure missteps made by both Path and Pinterest this week, the changing online media landscape and what that does (or doesn’t) mean, and we look at Reddit’s attempt to crowdsource the writing of legislation. Chip gives a shout-out to listener Carmen Sognonvi, and makes a request of listeners.


This week’s show is 28 minutes long.

  • We kick things off by discussing two issues that appear to have a common thread: both Path and Pinterest were accused this week of failing to be as transparent as they could have been about their business practices. Path, an app that uploaded user’s contact information to make it more social, didn’t disclose this–and Pinterest didn’t disclose that it was inserting affiliate links in users’ “pins” and making a commission off of them when someone opted to purchase. Chip points out that people online are losing their minds in comments on the Path issue. People immediately subscribe evil intentions to companies, when in reality there is no evidence they are doing, or even planning on doing, anything wrong.
  • Next, we discuss some changes in the online media space, and what the consolidations mean for the media landscape. Chip says they mean absolutely nothing–there have always been changes and consolidations, and this is no different. That it’s happening online rather than with print copies is about the only difference.
  • Finally, we discuss a TechDirt post about Reddit’s attempt to crowdsource the authoring of the Free Internet Act. We both agree that this could be harder than it sounds–there’s a lot that goes into writing legislation, much of which is not intuitive on the surface, such as figuring out which sections of existing law get modified as well as paying attention to which committee a bill will be assigned. It is always good to have citizens engaged in the process, and we’re both looking forward to seeing how this experiment progresses.


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