September 29, 2022

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Talbots gets social media

Talbots gets social media

Short post today–but wanted to highlight a brand that seems as though it truly understands social media. Disclosure: I’m a fan, have a bunch of their clothes, and have one of their store loyalty point cards. I’ve also written about them before.

So now that is out of the way, the point. Today, Talbots highlighted a blog called Zilredloh on their Facebook page. The woman behind the blog likes to sew, and is clearly talented. And the project on her blog that Talbots pointed to? It was about how she re-created one of their dresses.

Talbots did not issue a takedown order. They didn’t send a cease and desist.

Instead, they called attention to it on their Facebook page. I’m sure there are myriad reasons why this is a different situation: the woman sewing the dress isn’t mass producing them (but she did clearly state which patterns she used), the dress is no longer available from Talbots (so not direct competition), and Talbots probably realizes that their customer base isn’t going to jump up and start sewing their own dresses. I know I’m not. Heck, the most recent sewing project I did was a simple double-sided dog blanket, and even that ended up with some stuck fingers (pins, ouch) and a not exactly straight stitch on one side. No way am I attempting a dress, this customer will still be purchasing dresses.

Still, it’s admirable that they highlighted the blog instead of going after the blogger. Looks like one company out there understands the Streisand Effect.

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