September 27, 2022

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Guest Post — Social Media Lessons from 2013

Guest Post — Social Media Lessons from 2013

The following article is a guest post from Stacey Waxman. Stacey is a freelance writer who focuses on marketing.

Social Media Lessons from 2013

Although the big players of Facebook and Twitter still dominated the online social media network in 2013, there were many other outlets vying for attention. Sites like Vine, Snapchat, and Tumblr all proved that when it comes to social media there isn’t just one outlet to pursue. You’ll find that potential customers are networking across several platforms. Does your business have a strong social media marketing strategy? Here are some important social media lessons from 2013:

Social Media Is A Major Mover

News can spread across social media in a blink of an eye. That’s great for staying informed, but it can be a detriment in shaky financial markets. When the AP Twitter account was hacked last spring, a phony story about a bomb going off at the White House sent the Dow Jones spiraling down 150 points. That was on a trading floor that is supposed to be wired into real news. There have been many other stories about companies changing policies and practices based on the onslaught of Tweets or Facebook posts. Bottom line: There is a lot of power coursing through social media.

Make It Visual

Even though Twitter only allows users to post 140 characters per Tweet, there is still plenty of room to say what you want to say with a picture or link to a video through the power of Twitter’s latest enhancement, Vine. If you’re promoting a product, then consider doing it with visuals along with the text. Put the power of the photo to work for you. Consumers are visual thinkers and a compelling image can make all of the difference in a marketing campaign.

Keep It Personal For The Multitude

Companies think they can get away with automatic responses and scheduled tweets. The issue with this concept is that customers can sniff out an insincere pitch right away. This doesn’t mean you can’t utilize automated tools. You just have to remember to encourage human interaction through your social media networks to attract your target market. In other words, give your followers a genuine reason for following you. This could be done by providing helpful information or a daily laugh. Either way, make your posts count beyond the hard sale.

Analytics Are Your Best Friend

As the social media networks have become sophisticated in terms of use, so have their analytic programs. You have the ability to dig into the details of all the traffic to your sites. By taking advantage of analytical tools such as Sysomos or UberVU, you can find patterns that can help you build a stronger marketing strategy. Even something simple as finding the “sweet spot” for when to send out a blast will prove to be invaluable.

 Get Your Employees Up To Speed

It’s a safe bet that your employees are all using some form of social media in their private life which is perfectly acceptable. However, when they begin to step out and represent your company, they need to be speaking with the same “voice.” In other words, you need to develop guidelines for social media posting as it pertains to your company. Recently, an employee of a major company tweeted an offensive comment on her personal Twitter account. She then hopped on a 12-hour flight. By the time the plane landed, she was fired and her company was in damage control mode. You can avoid that if your employees “think before they tweet.”

We’re All Vulnerable

As the recent breach of Target credit card accounts proved, we’re all vulnerable to cyber hacking. This holds true for your social media accounts. Imagine the damage that can be done by a malicious hacker if they get a hold of your company’s accounts. For this reason, you have to be overly diligent when it comes to cyber security. Being proactive about your online security will keep your personal identity as well as your company’s reputation protected.


Stacey Waxman is a freelance writer with a focus on marketing. She can be found typing away on her laptop in cold Cleveland, OH. Stacey welcomes your feedback via email.


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