October 5, 2022

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On My Mind: Roundtables, Databases, Sales Processes, and More

On My Mind: Roundtables, Databases, Sales Processes, and More

By the time Friday comes around, I usually have a bunch of things on my mind. Typically, they’re ideas that I have come across in my reading during the week, challenges that I have confronted over the past few days, and opportunities on the horizon.

These things will be on my mind throughout the weekend.

  • Who will finally come up with a really good next-generation media database? Despite the evolution of technology, there really hasn’t been much progress in the content of these tools since I first got into PR a couple of decades ago. The way we access them and record information has progressed a little, but the fundamental approach to the information remains the same. There’s a lot of room for growth here.
  • What is the next big thing in media monitoring and measurement? This one really occupies my mind all of the time, so perhaps it’s not fair to single it out this week.
  • When will this pain in my knee from umpiring finally go away? Answer: probably not until I lighten my game schedule in a week or so. (Not everything on my mind is work-related!)
  • Where is Scott Monty?
  • Why do some companies insist on making the sales process so difficult? Scheduling a call to schedule a call with someone else and then withholding firm pricing information until yet another call … this seems to be too common.
  • How would people react if I bring back the Media Bullseye Radio Roundtable? I’m thinking about reviving this once-popular podcast, but perhaps moving it from Friday to another day since I travel more frequently on Fridays.
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Chip Griffin is the Founder of CustomScoop. He writes and speaks frequently about data-driven public relations. You can follow him on Twitter at @ChipGriffin.

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