January 21, 2019

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PR Jots: Attention, Extinction, Manipulation and More

PR Jots: Attention, Extinction, Manipulation and More

The following PR-related stories caught my eye over the past week or so:

  • “Hits” died out a long time ago as a way to measure web traffic, to be replaced by unique visitors and page views. Now some suggest that “attention,” as recored by time on page/site may be the next measurement marker to gain traction.
  • Half of the New York Times’ blogs appear headed for extinction. But were they blogs anyway? And does it really matter whether we call something a blog post, article, story, etc.?
  • Over at CommPRO.biz, there’s a good reminder that as communicators we need to focus on where our audience actually is — not where we are or where we think our audience will be in the future.
  • What KPI’s do you use for your social media reporting to bosses and clients? Nikki Mitchell, vice president of public relations for Baylor Scott & White Health, had some suggestions in an article at PRNews — thought they really represent just the tip of iceberg in what you should consider.
  • Surely you have seen the stories about Facebook’s research experiment where they successfully manipulated the sentiment of users’ posts. We can leave the ethics of that to others, but it’s a good reminder of the power of data mining for learning and influencing — ultimately that’s at the heart of media monitoring and measurement.


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