October 4, 2022

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Stat of the Week: Half of Communicators Don’t Align Work to Goals

Stat of the Week: Half of Communicators Don’t Align Work to Goals

New research from Michael Ambjorn and Stephen Welch revealed that “only half of communicators say all their work is aligned to corporate strategy and goals.”

When I first saw this nugget in Shel Holtz’s excellent weekly roundup of interesting communications stories, I had the same reaction he did: “Come on. Really, Really?

I find it hard to believe for two reasons. First, how can you run a successful communications operation without relating your work to the goals of the company or organization? What the heck are you communicating about, then? Second, what type of communicator actually admits that they’re not aligning their work with established strategy and goals?

In fact, if half of communicators apparently admit that they’re not taking cues from corporate goals, I wonder how many of those who think they are really aren’t.

Of course, if you’re not set up to match your communications work to corporate goals, you’re not going to have much luck setting up an effective media measurement program either. Come to think of it, though, this might be why many organizations struggle to set up good measurement and analysis processes.

If you’re in the half of communicators who are not aligned to your corporate goals, you probably aren’t reading this. But if you are, I’d love for you to share the reason why. Perhaps there’s actually an explanation that folks like Shel and I aren’t thinking of.

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