September 28, 2022

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Media Bullseye Roundtable 2014.4 with Guest Co-host Chuck Hester

Media Bullseye Roundtable 2014.4 with Guest Co-host Chuck Hester

I’m excited to announce that the Media Bullseye Roundtable has joined the FIR Podcast Network. This leading collection of public relations and communications podcasts, led by Neville Hobson and Shel Holtz, includes a range of shows that all include quality content. Of course, the flagship is the Hobson & Holtz Report — a podcast that CustomScoop has sponsored for nearly a decade.

In this episode of the Roundtable, Chuck Hester joins to discuss three topics:

  • First, we dive into Chuck’s post about social media “experts” (or as he calls them, “nextperts”) and how experience and generational divides may impact the advice one gives.
  • Next, we discuss Gini Dietrich’s assessment of Facebook’s PR response to it’s recent research into how the sentiment of the posts included in one’s newsfeed subsequently impacts one’s own posts.
  • Finally, we tackle Amy Westervelt’s article on Medium where she argues that journalists should focus on journalism and not become ghostwriters and content creators for non-media organizations.

A note about the episode numbers for Media Bullseye Roundtable: This is the fourth episode of 2014, hence the 2014.4 notation in the headline.

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