September 28, 2022

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PR Jots: Retargeting, Ranting, and Ranking

PR Jots: Retargeting, Ranting, and Ranking

During the course of my reading about topics of interest to me as a communicator, I came across the following blog posts and articles that may interest you, too. Enjoy!

  • Although it represents an advertising tool, Christopher Penn points out that Facebook retargeting can be an effective adjunct to a public relations campaign, too.
  • Scott Monty shared a link to an article on Medium that originally appeared last month. In it, Amy Westervelt makes an impassioned case against journalists agreeing to ghostwrite articles, create content for corporate content marketing campaigns, and write blog posts for $50 a pop. Read her full rant because she does bury some good points amongst all of her broad-brush attacks.
  • Over in the UK, Neville Hobson writes up a CIPR-sponsored debate that took place on the topic of whether wearable technology represents an ethical nightmare for PR pros.
  • BurrellesLuce released some data that suggests that newspapers are actually growing, based on total circulation numbers for today versus five years ago. It is important to note that these figures apparently include both digital and print circulation, so the business model of the publication has an impact (if a paper relies on ads instead of subscriptions, for example, it wouldn’t have a substantial digital number to add in). In addition, not all publications accounted for digital circulation the same way 5 years ago as they do today, so the data could be misleading. Nevertheless, it’s an interesting look at the newspaper industry.
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