September 28, 2022

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PR Jots: Organic Reach, Political Discourse, and More Policy Changes at Google and Facebook

PR Jots: Organic Reach, Political Discourse, and More Policy Changes at Google and Facebook

This week’s public relations news covers a wide swath of material. Hopefully you’ll find it all pretty interesting.

  • If you spend much time on social media, you might think it’s spurring a lot more political conversation. But new research suggests it may actually be doing just the opposite: “Social media, like Twitter and Facebook, has the effect of tamping down diversity of opinion and stifling debate about public affairs. It makes people less likely to voice opinions, particularly when they think their views differ from those of their friends, according to a report published Tuesday by researchers at Pew Research Center and Rutgers University.” (New York Times)
  • Remember those cool photos of your friends when you would come across one of their blog posts in Google search? Well, you won’t see them anymore. Google has officially done away with including authorship information in search results. However, authorship may still be taken into consideration when determining relevance. (Marketing Land)
  • In this space, we have spoken about the rapid decline in organic Facebook reach for many organizations over the past 9 months or so. But new research suggests that it’s more industry-specific than we might imagine. It turns out that some folks still get pretty good free distribution. ({grow})
  • Speaking of Facebook, they’re changing yet more policies that will impact how and whether your posts get good play in your followers’ news feeds. This time, it has to do with how you share links and punishes those folks who engage in “click-baiting” where they don’t do a good job of telling users what to expect on the other end of the click. (Facebook)
  • Ever wonder how big companies set up their social media listening posts? takes a look at Southwest’s approach. (Ragan)
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