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The August #MeasurePR Chat Key Takeaways

The August #MeasurePR Chat Key Takeaways

I was happy to be asked back to fill in for Shonali Burke during the last #MeasurePR Twitter chat on August 9. The official summary and transcript are posted on her blog, Waxing Unlyrical, pop on over and check it out for the full rundown.

Here again is my rundown of the main points raised by the chat.

There were three guests featured this month: Heidi Sullivan, SVP, Product & Interim Managing Director, Canada at Cision; Dan Farkas, an Instructor of Strategic Communication at Ohio University; and Rachael King who offers PR and partnerships for startups; Rachael also co-hosts The Shepod.

This month’s topic was how one should go about incorporating measurement and metrics into multimedia programs.

After introductions, the first question was about the resurgence of podcasting, and what could account for it, along with other multimedia efforts. Responses were varied:

  • Dan Farkas called it the “gym effect”—some people read on the treadmill, others want to listen, which makes podcasts ideal
  • Heidi Sullivan pointed out that with ad blockers and the growth of viewing content on mobile, multimedia meets a need for brands by offering a “seamless experience between brands and friends.”
  • Rachael King noted that podcasting is fairly easy to create and is familiar, and along with new tech is now “easier to get”

Podcasting meets a need for both the consumer and those who are creating the content, and advances in tech make it even easier to produce and listen.

We move on to discuss what measuring multimedia looks like—the good and the bad:

  • First and foremost—as always—set benchmarks and tie back to business goals
  • Get key decision-makers to agree to measureable goals and ensure that everyone is on the same page
  • The “ice bucket challenge” is an example of a good multimedia campaign with measureable results
  • In the “bad ideas” column was an example provided by Jessica Bates, who recalled a serious piece of data that was turned into an animated GIF
  • Heidi Sullivan commented that “infographics for the sake of infographics” could also be considered a “don’t”

We also discussed tools—for both creating and measuring multimedia. Suggestions ranged from good hardware, like a decent tripod for filming video, and good microphones to programs like Canva, Zencaster, and Photoshop. For measurement, Bitly and Excel were suggested.

One final and important point made by Dan Farkas is that creating multimedia can be expensive, so pay attention to how you can make the most out of what you produce so you can get the most mileage from your multimedia dollars.

Participate in the #MeasurePR chat on THURSDAY, September 8, 2016, from noon to 1 p.m. Eastern—this is a new day but the same time; and then catch a few of the highlights here.

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