September 28, 2022

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What is Content Seeding and how can it help your PR Efforts

What is Content Seeding and how can it help your PR Efforts

“Content remains king!” Ketchum President Barri Rafferty exclaimed in a post on Ketchum’s blog last year. Later in the post, Rafferty discussed the changes in the PR industry she expected to see in 2015 and beyond. “If they haven’t yet, PR industry pros need to embrace all forms of content…We’ll also need to focus on content amplification –not just getting content out there, but also making the most of it.”

With this increased focus on creation and promotion in the PR industry, it is important to find the most effective method of approaching this objective. Perhaps one of the best strategies to promote work is content seeding. Content seeding is almost exactly what it sounds like; it is a strategy to spread content throughout online channels. Content seeding can help get your work shared by influential industry leaders. If a reputable, well-travelled blog or social media account shares your content, it can encourage increased viewership, as users are more likely to view information shared by trustworthy sources than content in ads.

So how exactly does content seeding relate to the PR industry? Building relationships between organizations and people is one of the most important goals of a PR professional, and communication is one of the best ways to create these connections. Building those relationships, however, can be difficult since the internet now inundates your audience with information from endless sources. Content seeding can help you emerge above the noise to get your message noticed.

Consider, for example, that you have drafted a blog post about your company’s recent event. You can begin by sharing this post across your company’s social media platforms. Social media is always an excellent starting point with your content because it is highly visited by your targeted audience.

After sharing on your own networks, consider reaching out to important influencers, especially within your own industry, who can help elevate your post’s reach. When you contact these influencers, make sure to explain why your content matters to them and identify why it would be beneficial for them to share it. Once you have convinced them, your content has the potential to be spread through their emails, newsletters, blogs, and/or social networks. This strategy gives your content a wider reach, facilitates better communication of your company and its message, and builds stronger connections with your audience, which are all core goals of a PR department.

As the PR industry continues to grow and change with our digital era, professionals will need to adapt their strategies to continue achieving their goals. Next time you create content, make sure to spread the source via content seeding to create a greater reach for your message and forge stronger relationships with a wider audience.

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Jordan Gosselin recently began her career in marketing and communication with CARMA. Her experience includes social and digital work, creative content production, and marketing operations.

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