September 26, 2022

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Big vs. Small Publications: Where’s the Real PR Value?

Big vs. Small Publications: Where’s the Real PR Value?

PR professionals work tirelessly to generate positive buzz for their business and/or client. One of the best ways to achieve this, of course, is finding opportunities to print and circulate articles about those you represent. There tends to be a general perception that being covered in big, national publications provide the best PR, but there is important value in printing with smaller publications, as well.

Large-Scale Publishing

There are obvious advantages to being covered in national magazines, newspapers, and/or websites. Features in these publications provide the subjects with exposure to massive audiences. It opens the door to future opportunities for more large-scale coverage. Additionally, it provokes brand awareness and trust from the general public, which is a major accomplishment in the PR field.

Consider, for example, an author whose debut novel gets reviewed in a national newspaper. Getting a book published and subsequently generating positive opinion poses a unique challenge to PR professionals in today’s competitive publishing market. Being reviewed or mentioned in a large publication, however, gives authors a serious boost in publicity. A 2009 study found that when the New York Times positively reviewed books by an unknown author, sales increased up to 52 percent.

As one of the most trusted and popular newspapers in the US, the New York Times, as well as other similarly large publications, provides a supportive platform for businesses and people to gain exposure and provoke awareness from its massive readership.

Trade Publishing

Coverage in small publications offers different but equally valuable opportunities. Specifically, trade magazines allow you to target relevant audiences that share common interests and goals. Trade magazines concentrate on a particular subject or industry and circulate to a smaller population of readers with shared commitments. Publishing in these specifically focused magazines builds trust, renown, and opportunities with a concentrated audience.

For example, if you have a client in the pharma industry, publishing an article about the newest development of their medical product in a scientific trade magazine creates incredible value. Although the feature likely won’t get read by the general public, it’ll be seen by important members of the scientific community, such as potential partners and investors. A well-received article improves the reputation of the subject and expands the opportunities for upward mobility within their industry.

Regardless of the size of the publication, the PR value of a publication resides with the quality of the content and the type of audience a professional intends to reach. Although garnering coverage in bigger publications facilitates more widespread exposure and awareness, smaller, trade publications provide opportunities for positive connections and increased trust within a meaningful, useful community.

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