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16 for ’16: The most popular Media Bullseye posts of the year

16 for ’16: The most popular Media Bullseye posts of the year

We’re already just days away from the end of 2016 and that means Media Bullseye is wrapping up another year of content. Throughout the last year, Media Bullseye published articles about PR, measurement, media monitoring, and digital trends on a weekly basis with the goal of providing information to help PR pros make smarter decisions.

In case you missed any of it or are simply looking for a refresher on pertinent information as you head into 2017, we have gathered our 16 most popular posts from 2016. We hope you enjoy the collection of our readers’ favorite content and we look forward to providing more work in the coming year.

Analyzing Google Analytics: the best features for PR professionals


Drafting PR strategies is exciting; you have the opportunity to forge new relationships with broader audiences and spread awareness about your business or client. To ensure your PR tactics are succeeding in all the right ways, utilize Google Analytics to measure the effectiveness and outcomes of PR efforts. Read more.

101 articles to help your 2017 PR, monitoring, and measurement planning


In today’s ever-evolving PR and monitoring/measurement industries, practitioners need to remain updated and educated to achieve success. Luckily, these industries promote content production, which provides seemingly endless information about trends, capabilities, and new products. This post compiled 101 articles about PR, social media, and media monitoring/measurement to provide professionals with access to necessary, useful knowledge. Read more.

Chats with Chip: Terry Flannery on higher ed communications and marketing

Chats with Chip

On the most recent episode of Chats with Chip, Terry Flannery, Vice President for Communication at American University, joined Chip to discuss communication and marketing departments in higher education. With 20 years of experience in her field, Terry has had a front row seat to the ways digital innovation changed the higher education system and its departments. Chip and Terry’s conversation covers the importance and challenges of content strategy, audience targeted brand strategy, and the future of communication and marketing at universities. Read more.

Using the PESO model for effective PR


The “PESO” model has been gaining ground and favor in public relations circles for good reason: it applies a holistic approach to public relations that works well to promote your organization’s messages in today’s fractured media landscape. Read more.

Theranos and the media: a cautionary tale for PR


A lot of digital ink has been spilled chronicling the rapid rise and equally quick fall of Theranos and its founder, Elizabeth Holmes. This tale is instructive from the perspective of how changes in the media business have altered the relationship between PR and the press, particularly in technology. Read more.

What is content seeding and how can it help your PR Efforts

Content Seeding Photo

“Content remains king!” Ketchum President Barri Rafferty exclaimed in a post on Ketchum’s blog last year. Later in the post, Rafferty discussed the changes in the PR industry she expected to see in 2015 and beyond. “If they haven’t yet, PR industry pros need to embrace all forms of content…We’ll also need to focus on content amplification –not just getting content out there, but also making the most of it.” Read more.

10 proofreading tips and tricks: how to ensure your writing is audience-ready


With deepest apologies to Jane Austen, I’ll open with: “It is a truth universally acknowledged that a person or brand in possession of a web property must be in want of a proofreader.” In haste to get things out and published, it seems as though more and more people, brands, companies, and yes, even book publishers, are skimping on (or skipping entirely) the crucial step of proofreading. Read more.

Media Monitoring: Getting ready for 2017


The calendar pages keep turning, and we’ve arrived at the last quarter of the year. I always find that it feels like time speeds up a bit at this point: first it is Halloween, then Thanksgiving, and suddenly we’re watching the ball drop in Times Square wondering what next year will bring. Read more.

Chats with Chip: Gini Dietrich and the business side of PR

Chats with Chip

In this episode of Chats with Chip, I am joined by Gini Dietrich of Arment Dietrich and the Spin Sucks blog to talk about the business of public relations. Read more.

Advice for new solo public relations consultants


I’m often asked to give advice to new entrepreneurs, especially those in the public relations field. After nearly two decades of owning my own companies – both solo and with employees – I have learned a little bit of what works and what doesn’t. Read more.

The public apology: make the most out of “I’m Sorry”


We typically consider apologies to be conversations between two people, but apologies play out on a national scale, as well. Celebrities and companies that transgress often release apologetic statements or hold press conferences to convey their sorrow to the general population. Read more.

How to use LinkedIn to maximize your PR efforts


When it comes to social media platforms that benefit public relations, Twitter and Facebook tend to be the first names that come to mind. With the impressive growth of LinkedIn over the last five years, however, it is important that we don’t neglect the features of this useful platform. Read more.

Using media monitoring for CSR efforts


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a well-established practice across a wide range of business types, sizes, and locations. Loosely defined, CSR efforts tie into a company’s business by either reducing its impact on the environment or by providing a benefit to society. Typically, these efforts are linked in some fashion with the business itself, such as restaurant or food companies working with anti-hunger programs. Read more.

The new AMEC Framework for Integrated PR Evaluation


In June, communicators gathered in London for the unveiling of the new AMEC Framework for PR evaluation. This framework walks communications and PR pros through the steps needed to establish a measurement system that actually produces data that can then be acted upon, and provide reporting numbers that show actual results. Read more.

Secrets of an Apple PR pro

Shh photo

A former Apple PR exec gives us a peek behind the curtain at one of America’s most iconic brands in a recent article for the Harvard Business Review titled “What I learned from 10 years of doing PR for Apple.” The entire piece is full of excellent advice for PR pros. It’s worth reading in full, so definitely check it out. Read more.

Planning and budgeting for measurement in 2017


By now, companies are in full swing in their planning and budgeting processes for 2017. This makes it a great time to tackle the same sort of looking forward for your measurement plans. Read more.

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