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Podcasts and PR: Create content to stand out

Podcasts and PR: Create content to stand out

Finding effective ways to produce and promote content are common topics of discussion within the PR industry. Employing strategies to highlight your content among the abundance of media shared every day allows your organization to build its reach and engage with an expanded audience.

Audio posts can benefit organizations and their business goals. Specifically, podcasts allow collaborations with industry experts, provide new mediums for content consumption, and enable PR professionals to successfully promote their organization.


New mediums for consumption

Each day, industry blogs publish written content to engage with their audiences. Although written content does communicate useful concepts and allow writers to engage with their audience, articles can get lost among other posts and fail to gain adequate exposure.

Podcasts, however, offer a different medium for content consumption, which stimulates interest from audiences who are inundated with written content. In addition to stimulating interest from your audience, audio recordings allow users to listen during activities that wouldn’t allow simultaneous reading, such as driving and writing, thereby increasing their value and versatility.

Connect with other industry experts

Unlike written content, which is typically created by one author, podcasts enable an open discussion and exchange of ideas. Hosting a weekly or monthly podcast facilitates routine conversations between members of your organization and other industry leaders, thereby giving your audience access to dynamic, informative discussions.

In Media Bullseye’s recurring podcast, Chats with Chip, for example, Chip has been joined by well-known figures in the PR industry, including Gini Dietrich of Arment Dietrich and Karen Swim of SoloPR Pro, to discuss topics including internal communication, measurement, social media, and artificial intelligence.

The topics covered in these episodes, as well as in other PR podcasts, inform listeners on relevant industry issues. Instead of presenting audiences with static content to read, podcasts create collaborative forums that encourage an exchange of ideas.


Despite the possibilities for standing out and broadening conversations with podcasts, they do pose challenges, which should be considered before deciding to launch one.

Building a community of listeners

Although audio recordings do allow unique and expanded opportunities for consumption of content, converting people to listeners can be a challenge. Unlike blog posts, which can be skimmed with minimal time commitments, podcasts require greater involvement from your audience.

In early 2016, several publications reported that 85 percent of Facebook videos are watched without sound. Considering users’ avoidance of audio, it can be difficult to convince users to engage with purely audio content. Producing episodes of a half hour or less and offering a written transcript in addition to the audio can ease the challenges of building your audience.

Production processes

In comparison to written content, the production of podcasts can pose additional complications. Unlike written content, which involves little to no equipment and technical editing, podcasts require a bit more work.

Although sophisticated, expensive audio equipment isn’t required to produce podcasts, higher quality microphones do produce better sound. Microphones that minimize background noises and unwanted sounded like echoes are ideal, as these sounds can be distracting or annoying to listeners. Headsets you may already own, such as cell phone headphones, do offer an inexpensive options for recording, but USB and analog microphones are sold at a variety of prices and provide higher quality results.

Audio editing software is also required to make any changes to the recorded files. There is professionally licensed audio software available, but these can cost hundreds of dollars. Audacity, a free, downloadable software, offers user-friendly features to improve the quality and augment snippets.

Although establishing a podcast poses potential difficulties, successful employment allows professionals to expand their engagement with their audience and provides opportunities for more dynamic, engaging discussions of relevant industry topics.

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