June 27, 2022

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PR means business: how communications firms are evolving [Webinar]

PR means business: how communications firms are evolving [Webinar]

If you pulled a stranger off the street and asked them to name the key functions of public relations, you’d probably hear a definition that’s lacking some key details. Perhaps even more difficult to define and understand is the business side of PR.

Although the average PR professional’s typical workday is more heavily focused on the communications side of the industry, the business side is closely related. Understanding the key functions and connections between the business and communication side of the industry yields stronger PR efforts that add value to the business.

Additionally, understanding the changes within the industry in recent years, as well as those that are expected to occur in the future, is pivotal to planning and executing communications campaigns that contribute to success on the business side.

To facilitate discussion and enhance understanding of the business side of PR, CARMA is sponsoring “PR Means Business: How Communications Firms are Evolving,” a webinar taking place on Thursday July 13 at 2:00PM ET. The session, hosted by Matt Cookson, President and CEO of Cookson Strategic Communications, and Jennifer Zingsheim Phillips, Founder of 4L Strategies, will cover the evolution of the PR business over the last 10 years, additional changes that would enhance the industry, and predictions for the future of the business.

Jen and Matt bring examples and expertise from collective experience in global agencies, as solo PR professionals, and as the owner of fully staffed firms. In particular, they will touch on digital transformation, the importance of PR measurement, and alterations to the traditional workplace model, among other topics.

Register for the webinar now.

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