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PR Means Business [Webinar Recap]

PR Means Business [Webinar Recap]

Public relations has undergone a dramatic makeover in recent years.

The rise in social and digital media, a 24/7 media model, and new technology has driven significant change in the industry.

On July 13, Matt Cookson of Cookson Strategic Communications and Jennifer Zingsheim Phillips of 4L Stategies co-hosted “PR Means Business: How Communications Firms are Evolving,” a webinar sponsored by CARMA, to discuss transformations of the PR business.

Throughout the session, Matt and Jen spoke about the evolution of the business side of PR over the last decade, parts of the business that still require some transformation, and predictions for the future.

The event offers value to PR professionals working in various roles, including as solo PR practitioners, owners of firms, or as professionals working within an agency.

Some of the most important themes discussed by Matt and Jen include digital transformation and how it has influenced the industry, why measurement continues to remain important, and why it’s necessary to assess the specific needs of your company to find a path to success.

Check out the full session recording and slide deck to learn more, including why Millennial influence on PR has benefitted the industry and how to work with social media platforms that constantly change and diminish in popularity.

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Jordan Gosselin recently began her career in marketing and communication with CARMA. Her experience includes social and digital work, creative content production, and marketing operations.

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