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North American PR Measurement Trends [Webinar]

North American PR Measurement Trends [Webinar]

For many people, September marks the return of pumpkin spice lattes—and every other food or drink that can be infused with essence of pumpkin—a new school year, and the changing of seasons.

For communicators, September means Measurement Month has returned. Each September, the International Association for the Evaluation and Measurement of Communication (AMEC) hosts Measurement Month.

AMEC sponsors this month-long event to promote the importance of measurement and its ability to show the effectiveness of communications efforts. The schedule features a variety of free events, including webinars, workshops, and Twitter chats, aimed to educate.

As part of Measurement Month, CARMA is sponsoring “North American PR Measurement Trends in 2017,” a free webinar hosted by Roxane Papagiannopoulos, Managing Director of Media Analysis with CARMA North America, and Jennifer Zingsheim Phillips, Founder of 4L Strategies.

Taking place on September 26 at 2PM ET, this session will cover communications trends that have dominated in the last year and how to measure them. They will also touch upon the push for better PR measurement practices, specifically AMEC’s initiative to end the use of AVEs as a PR metric.

Additionally, they will discuss upcoming developments in the industry, including big data, and how human review fits in among the evolving measurement technology and processes.

Register to attend the session now.

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