October 4, 2022

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Insight and Action: Making Your Data Work for You [Webinar]

Insight and Action: Making Your Data Work for You [Webinar]

Where is your organization collecting data?

At a minimum, you probably have Google Analytics tracking website activity, CRM software cataloguing your customer and prospect information, and a media monitoring tool tracking your mentions.

Just one of those tools has enough data logged in it to boggle your mind. You could spend a whole work week (and then some) combing through the data and generating charts.

But this effort doesn’t have any value to your organization if you analyze without purpose.

Only meaningful data and targeted analysis will allow you to gain insight.

And insight is the information your organization needs to make actionable decisions that improve business performance.

On Thursday, April 26 at 2:00PM ET, CARMA is sponsoring “Insight and Action: Making Your Data Work for You.” This free session, co-hosted by Laura Petrolino, Chief Client Officer with Arment Dietrich, and Jen Zingsheim Phillips, Director of Marketing Communications with CARMA, will cover how to use your data to make the actionable decisions your organization needs to succeed.

Laura and Jen will discuss tips for extracting and analyzing your data and examples of companies that glean insight from their data to make decisions that benefit their businesses.

This session will provide excellent guidance and advice for communicators looking to enhance how they analyze their data, gather insight, and apply this information to make actionable decisions.

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Jordan Gosselin recently began her career in marketing and communication with CARMA. Her experience includes social and digital work, creative content production, and marketing operations.

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